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The domain produces the whole range of wines found in the region, thus letting the "terroir" and the grape varieties express themselves as fully as possible.






This parcelar selection from Passenans is made of Pinot noir (60%), Poulsard (20%) and Trousseau (20%). The aroma of ripe fruits like black cherry gives to this wine a special depth that goes really well with red meat, charcuterie and grills. It should be served at 14° within 7 years.





Made with 45% Trousseau, 45% Poulsard and 10% Pinot Noir this wine is characterized by its lightness and the complex bouquet of red fruits and earthy character. It can be kept for up to 5 years and is best served at 14ºC with charcuterie, smoked meats, grills and meat with fruit dishes such as pork with roasted apple.




The domain produces both categories of white wine associated with the Jura:


Classic or "fruités" wines


These wines are left in stainless steel or wooden vats, or oak barrels for one to two years. The contents are regularly topped up with the same wine to compensate for evaporation which means that no air gets to the wine.



Traditional or "sous voile" wines


These wines are stored in wooden vats or oak barrels for two to three years and not topped up. As the wine evaporates the level in the barrel drops and a layer of yeast forms on the surface of the wine. This protects the wine from oxidation and gives these wines their distinctive aromas.








Cuvée parcellaire de chardonnay. Le lieu-dit Balanoz est situé sur la commune de Lavigny. Cette vigne de 40 ans est exposée à l’ouest sur des marnes irisées du Trias. Le vin est élevé un an en fût ouillé et bâtonné. Cette cuvée est une preuve supplémentaire de la grande classe des terroirs jurassiens où le cépage blanc le plus répandu donne le meilleur de lui-même avec une expression à la fois fruitée et minérale, une légère touche boisée complexifiant le tout. Il pourra être conservé 5 ans et dégusté frais (12°) avec des poissons et des viandes blanches.





Cuvée parcellaire de savagnin. Le lieu-dit Savagnier est voisin de Balanoz, à Lavigny. C’est un  monopole puisque nous sommes seuls détenteurs des parcelles de ce lieu-dit. Elevé un an en cuve à l’abri de l’air, ce vin s’exprime certes par son fruité (agrumes, fruits exotiques) caractéristique d’un cépage aromatique (le savagnin ou naturé est un traminer) mais aussi par une finesse minérale classique sur ce terroir. Il a obtenu une médaille d’or au Concours départemental des vins du Jura en juillet 2014. Il pourra être conservé 5 ans et dégusté frais (12°) à l'apéritif, avec des crudités ou des poissons.






Cotes du Jura Tradition


This wine is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes but is kept in barrels for two years "sous voile". Rich and long lasting on the palate, it has a range of aromas from very ripe white fruits to nuts. It can be kept between 10 and 20 years depending on the vintage, and should be served at 13ºC and goes really well with smoked fish, dishes garnished with garlic and parsley, and dishes cooked with cheese.


Cotes du Jura Savagnin


Made solely from Savagnin grapes, this wine is kept in the barrel for three years without topping up. Often less full bodied than the TRADITION it combines character with finesse. This wine comes to its best after several years and can be kept for 20 or 30 years. It can be served in the same manner and with similar dishes as the TRADITION or CHATEAU-CHALON.











Charteau Chalon

Our Chateau-Chalon is produced from the best parcels of land at Gaillardon (in the parish of Domblans), Beaumont (in the parish of Ménétru le Vignoble) and Sous-Roche (in the parish of Chateau-Chalon). Made strictly in accordance with tradition from the Savagnin grape, it is kept in the barrel for 6 years under it's protective yeast layer. It fully expresses the character and subtlety of this grand "terroir". Those tasting this wine are often surprised by it's long lasting finish, a taste somewhat similar to Fino sherry, as well as the richness of it's aroma. Depending on the vintage, this can range from vegetal (straw, tobacco), through ripe fruits (apples), sharp fruits (grapefruits), nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds), and spices (curry, nutmeg) to a smoky scent.

It should be kept for 10 years before it really reaches it's peak and can be kept for between 30 and 100 years depending on the vintage.

Served at 14ºC, after being allowed to breathe for several hours, it is able to stand up to the best cuisine, and happily accompanies white meats with rich creamy sauces, spicy foods or a fine cheese, notably Comté.






Vin de pailleThe blend of Chardonnay, Savagnin and Poulsard grapes that goes together to make this special wine varies from year to year depending on the harvest and condition of each variety. In the same way, the length of time that the grapes are left to dry, on racks in the drying room, before pressing will vary depending on the initial amount of juice in the grapes. In recent years the drying period has been about 3 months. After developing for 3 years in the barrel, we get a wine with a structure that balances between 14% - 15% alcohol and 90 - 100 grams of residual sugar per litre. The wine has developed a rich flavour with a bouquet principally of dried fruits and jams (apricot, quince). It can be kept for more than 20 years and should be served chilled (8ºC) with foie gras or as a dessert wine.








Macvin du JuraOur Macvin is a blend of Chardonnay, sometimes with a little Savagnin in some years, and an eau de vie de Marc which has already had two years in the barrel. The blended wine then spends a further 2 years in barrels. The Macvin develops a bouquet of spices, fruit (often oranges) and honey which works perfectly when served with melon as a starter or Tarte Tatin, or other stewed or cooked fruit, as a dessert. It should be served chilled (8ºC). Macvin is often drunk too young, and it develops it's full character after 5 or 10 years, sometimes more. Try and "lose" some in the back of your cellar!











Eau de vie marcThe Eau de Vie - Marc de Franche Comté - is made by distilling the skin and pips of the grapes left after pressing. This ferments in the first month after the "vendange" (grape harvest). The distillation gives a level of alcohol of 52% which drops to 48% after 3 years in oak barrels.











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